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LUX with Lasso 9.3

Lasso’s legendary ease-of-use just got even easier.
Introducing LUX an elegant unified management
console for all your Lasso needs. Including Spitfire
a world class http server built into the core.

Get LUX + Lasso 9.3 Now!

Lasso 9
  • Lasso 9

    Security. Speed. Simplicity.

    Lasso 9 is a powerful development platform
    that allows developers to create custom,
    data-driven web applications.

    The centerpiece of the Lasso product line maintains Lasso’s legendary ease-of-use, cutting-edge functionality and cross-platform versatility, while outperforming other programming languages in speed
    and stability tests.


  • Substring Test

    The substring test measures the performance of basic string manipulation by timing how long it takes to calculate every possible substring containing the first character from a string that is 130,000 characters in length. In this test, Lasso 9 demonstrates a nearly 40% improvement over the closest competitor.

  • Fractal Test

    The fractal test measures the performance of floating point math operations by timing how long it takes to calculate the first 1,000 iterations of the Mandelbrot set. Again, Lasso 9 shows significant savings — a little over 20% — versus the closest competitor.

  • Fibonacci Test

    The fibonacci test measures the performance of basic math operations by timing how long it takes to calculate the 40th number in the Fibonacci sequence. Here, Lasso 9 just barely edges out Python by about a half second, though both are about 15% faster than PHP and nearly 60% faster than Ruby.

  • Count Test

    The count test measures the performance of looping structures by timing how long it takes to count from zero to one million. Here, somewhat surprisingly when compared to the other tests, PHP wins by a huge margin, though Lasso 9 still outperforms Python and Ruby.

Get Started

Welcome to the world of Lasso!

Everything you need to get the most out of the Lasso platform:

Information about the software and the company
behind it, including how to buy it.

Lasso Training
Sessions offered and coaching is available along
with services to help your specific project needs.

The knowledge site, featuring comprehensive
documentation, tutorials, articles and more.

Where the Lasso community lives...ask questions, make connections, share tips and more. Come on in!


Find a developer

Got a large project that's stretching your existing resources?

A one-off initiative but no one to execute it?

A Certified Lasso Developer is the answer. Experienced, knowledgeable and professional, every CLD is tested and certified by Lasso as the best of the best — someone you can trust to do the job right. Backed by LassoSofts Continuity Assurance you know you are in good hands.

Find a Certified Lasso Developer


Find a webhost

Lasso Hosting Partners

These providers are committed to the Lasso language and
provide optimal hosting support for Lasso users. 

  • Anu Internet Services
  • Blacknight Software
  • WebCentrix Inc.
  • Point In Space
  • 4000ft Internet
  • Falcon Internet

More About Hosting Partners

Developer Resources

The Support You Need, When You Need It

Whether you're a beginning developer or a proven veteran, the Lasso resource network has the information, answers and advice you need to maximize Lasso's incredible potential.

Divided into LassoDocs and LassoTalk, our community has always been one of Lasso's greatest strengths. It's all here for you.

Lasso Newsview all

Important Security Update to Lasso 9.3 Released

To our valued LassoSoft community: We urge all IT administrators and users of Lasso 9.3 or 9.3.1 to update to Lasso 9.3.1-4 immediately as we have identified a potential security-related issue with the LUX server management interface. Although no cases of affected systems have been reported, and because we take your security seriously, we are strongly recommending this pre-emptive update. We are committed to ensuring Lasso remains the world’s most reliable, easy-to-use, and secure programming language for developers and IT administrators. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact us at your convenience.

LassoSoft looks with interest on Perfect development

LassoSofts CEO and lead architect Kyle have strayed from the pure web world and ventured into developing a back-end to Swift, Apple's iOS development language.

Using similar ingenuity to that which has underpinned Lasso for years, they have created out-of-the-box server features that will assist developers to manage a server version of Swift. The interest in Perfect has been instant and encouraging. The uptake of Perfect as server-side Swift will largely hinge on the open source release of Swift.

Lasso continues to be actively developed and supported as a pure web and server side product. LassoSoft hopes that Perfect will stimulate developers looking for the ease of use backend that Lasso gives to pick up using Lasso 9.

Lasso's LUX release to get an update

LassoSofts team are working on improvements and extensions to the current LUX - Lasso's new Admin Interface that was heralded under Lasso 9.3 earlier this year. LUX is the server management interface that brings to the surface many of the tools such as email configuration, user and permissions management. LUX allows easy management of multiple instances of Lasso on the same server. Lasso Developers are encouraged to check out the change notes for the current list of improvements.

All the Resources

LassoDocs has References for pre-set methods, TagSwap, Articles, Tutorials and more!


Lasso delivers more. Find out just how much your work can benefit from Lasso's heavy lifting power.

Code Red

Critical business system broken? Use our paid-for-priority Support service to get help now.

Featured Developers
Marc Pinnell
Marc Pinnell
Redding, California, USA
Ke Carlton
Ke Carlton
Auckland, New Zealand
Jonathan Guthrie
Jonathan Guthrie
Newmarket, ON, Canada
Maxwell Klein
Maxwell Klein
San Francisco Bay Area
Jordon Davidson
Jordon Davidson
Cocagne, NB, Canada
Marcos Sabourdin
Marcos Sabourdin
Pamplona, SPAIN

Software Updates
Lasso 9.3.1-4 Released. Immediate Update Recommended.
We urge all IT administrators and users of Lasso 9.3 or 9.3.1 to update to Lasso 9.3.1-4 immediately to protect against a potential security-related issue with the LUX server management interface. Additional fixes are also included as shown on
Lasso Server 9.3
Lasso Server 9.3 brings back solidly integrated email management and adds a level of user management that gives permission granularity at the instance level all through the new LUX user interface.


Lasso Product News

Lasso 9.3.1-4 Released. Immediate Update Recommended.

February 03 2016

We urge all IT administrators and users of Lasso 9.3 or 9.3.1 to update to Lasso 9.3.1-4 immediately to protect against a potential security-related...

LassoSoft News

Important Security Update to Lasso 9.3 Released

February 03 2016

To our valued LassoSoft community:

Lasso Talk



Does anyone know what’s going on with LassoSoft?? We’re having a critical issues with our hosting license and can’t get in touch with them.I’ve tried...

Lasso Reference


October 22 2014

The [Decode_HTML] method decodes HTML entitites into UTF-8 characters which can be handled natively by Lasso's string type. [Decode_HTML] perf...

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