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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
13 May, 2008  [Xaren_Client_IP] Client_IP replacement that has subnet support Client Adam Randall
29 Apr, 2007  [Admin_AssignDatabaseToGroup] Allows you to quickly assign a database and it's tables to a specific group Administration Adam Randall
16 Jan, 2006  [valid_email2] A better email validation tag. Email Alex Pilson
16 Nov, 2005  [go_HTTP] Change current link action to non SSL realm Response Alex Pilson
03 Jul, 2007  [uploadVars] Creates vars of the upload map elements Utility Alex Pilson
29 Nov, 2005  [show_mySQLvars] Utiltity to view your MySQL system variables Database Alex Pilson
21 Jan, 2006  [display_sql] Simple tag to view action_statements for debugging SQL. Database Alex Pilson
10 Jul, 2008  [text_to_url] Tag to make URL and MAILTO: links from a text input or field. String Asle Benoni
21 Feb, 2006  [text_to_url_LP6] Tag to make URL and MAILTO: links from a text input or field. String Asle Benoni
23 Dec, 2005  [lp_math_pi] Returns the value of Pi. Math Bil Corry
18 Jan, 2006  [lp_string_zap] Returns a string with all non-plain-ascii characters removed. String Bil Corry
07 Sep, 2006  [lp_var_pack] Packs variables into compact, ASCII-safe bundles. Optionally can encrypt data. Variable Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2005  [lp_string_linefeedGet] Returns the line ending in a string. String Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_session_vars] Returns all session vars in an array, or if a session name is specified, just the vars for that session name. Session Bil Corry
21 Apr, 2006  [lp_math_range2PI] Returns radians in the range of 0 to 2PI given an angle in radians. Math Bil Corry
06 Dec, 2005  [lp_date_days1970] Returns number of days since 1/1/1970. Date Bil Corry
23 Dec, 2005  [lp_math_e] Returns the value of e. Math Bil Corry
27 Jan, 2006  [lp_string_CP1252toUTF8] Converts CP1252 (aka Windows-1252) characters to their UTF-8 equivalents. String Bil Corry
05 Dec, 2005  [lp_math_decToHex] Returns a base16 string given a base10 integer. Math Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_include_directory] Includes every file found in a given directory with the extension .lasso, .las, .inc, .incl. Include Bil Corry
14 Sep, 2007  [lp_lasso_version] Returns the Lasso version, edition and platform in a single string. Utility Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_session_id] Retrieves all current Session IDs and returns them as HTML s, URL strings or an array of pairs. Session Bil Corry
20 Apr, 2006  [lp_math_DMStoDeg] Returns degrees given an angle in Degrees:Minutes:Seconds. Math Bil Corry
31 Mar, 2008  [lp_client_params] Returns an array of GET/POST parameters passed from the client. Client Bil Corry
17 Jan, 2006  [lp_string_asc] Returns the base10 integer value given a text character. String Bil Corry
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