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[Content_Type] sets the MIME type of the current HTTP response. Accepts a single parameter, the MIME type which should be sent to the client Web browser.

The MIME type should be a valid type as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium <>

Common examples include: 'text/html' for standard HTML documents, 'text/xml' for XML documents, 'image/gif' for GIF images, and 'image/jpeg' for JPEG images.

Since this tag modifies the HTTP response header it should be used after any [Header] ... [/Header] tags contained in a format file.

  • Syntax
  • Parameters
[Content_Type: 'MIME Type']
Required Parameters
MIME Type MIME Type to be sent to browser.

To set the MIME type of the current page to XML:

Use the [Content_Type] tag with a 'text/xml' parameter.

[Content_Type: 'text/xml']
Tag Link [Content_Type] Category Output
Type Substitution Data Source Any
Support Preferred Version 2.0
Output Type String Security None
Implementation Sets Lasso 5.0,LDML3x,LDML25,LDML20,LDML1x

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