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[PDF_Barcode] creates a barcode image to be placed in a [PDF_Doc] variable. Requires a -Type parameter which defines the type of barcode to be created, and a -Code parameter which defines the numeric or alphanumeric barcode data.

  • Syntax
  • Parameters
[Var:'MyBarcode'=(PDF_Barcode: -Type='CODE39', 
Required Parameters
-Type Specifies the type of barcode to be created. Available parameters are CODE39, CODE39_EX, CODE128, CODE128_UCC, CODE128_RAW, EAN8, EAN13, POSTNET, and PLANET. Defaults to CODE39 if not specified.
-Code Specifies the numeric or alphanumeric barcode data. Some formats require specific data strings: EAN8 requires an 8-digit integer, EAN13 requires a 13-digit integer, POSTNET requires a zip code, and Code39 requires uppercase characters.
Optional Parameters
-Color Specifies the color of the bars in the barcode. Requires a hex string color value. Defaults to '#000000' if not specified.
-Supplemental Specifies any supplemental 2 or 5 digit barcode data. Used for EAN barcodes only (e.g. 2-digit codes are often used for magazine issue month numbers).
-GenerateChecksum Generates a checksum to be appended to the barcode.
-ShowCode39StartStop Displays start and stop characters (*) in the text for Code 39 barcodes.
-ShowEANGuardBars Show the guard bars for EAN barcodes.

To define a barcode for a PDF document:

The example below shows how to create an EAN8 barcode with the code "12345678" for use in a PDF document. The variable $MyBarcode can be added within a [PDF_Doc] variable using the [PDF_Doc->AddBarcode] tag.

[Var:'MyBarcode'=(PDF_Barcode: -Type='EAN8', 
Tag Link [PDF_Barcode] Category PDF
Type Substitution Data Source Any
Support Preferred Version 6.0
Output Type PDF_Barcode Security File
Implementation LJAPI Sets Lasso 6.0

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