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[String->Trim] removes all white space from the start and end of the string. Modifies the string in place and returns no value.

All spaces, return characters, new lines, and tabs are removed from both the start and end of the string.

  • Syntax
  • Parameters
[String Variable->(Trim)]
Required Parameters
String Variable The base string which is to be modified.

To trim extra white space from user input:

Use the [String->Trim] tag. The following example shows how to trim extra white space from the beginning and end of a value returned by [Action_Param: 'First_Name']. The variable First_Name will contain the same value, but without any extraneous spaces or return characters.

[Var: 'First_Name'=(Action_Param: 'First_Name')]
<br>"[Action_Param: 'First_Name']"
<br>"  John  "
Tag Link [String->Trim] Category String
Type Member Data Source Any
Support Preferred Version 5.0
Output Type None (Modifies in place) Security None
Implementation Sets Lasso 5.0

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