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web_request The [web_request] type allows Lasso to access data passed from the web server about the request that it is trying to fulfill for a client. The [web_request] method is an object that gets... Web Request
jdbc_initialize No description available. Web Request
server_date [Server_Date] returns the current date in a format suitable for display or logging. Web Request
server_datetime [ server_datetime ] returns a locale formatted copy of the server's date and time as a string. Web Request
server_day [Server_Day] returns the current day name in English. Web Request
server_time [Server_Time] returns the current time in a format suitable for display or logging. Web Request
SERVER_ADMIN [Server_Admin] returns the Server_Admin header value set for the current server. This is a backwards compatibility item. Please use [web_request->serverAdmin] for future operation. Web Request
SERVER_NAME [Server_Name] returns the domain name of the current server. If the name of the current server cannot be determined then the IP address of the current server is returned instead. Web Request
server_ip [Server_IP] returns the IP address of the current server. Web Request
SERVER_PORT [Server_Port] returns the port from which the current request is being served. Usually 80 for normal HTTP requests or 443 for secure HTTPS requests. Note: The port is configured in the Web... Web Request
SERVER_PROTOCOL [server_protocol] returns the http version used for the current request. Web Request
SERVER_SIGNATURE [Server_Signature] returns the web server SERVER_SIGNATURE header value. This is a backwards compatibility method, use of [web_request->serverSignature] is recommended. Web Request
SERVER_SOFTWARE [server_software] returns a string describing the software modules that the web server supports. Web Request
server_push [Server_Push] instructs Lasso to send as much of the current format file to the client as possible. This results in the page being loaded in stages within the visitor's Web browser. Note:... Web Request
web_request->fcgiReq [web_request->fcgiReq] returns the raw FastCGI web_connection data used by the web_request type. Web Request
web_request->documentRoot The [web_request->documentRoot] method returns the path to the web-root of the server. Web Request
web_request->gatewayInterface The [web_request->gatewayInterface] method returns the interface the web server is using to communicate with Lasso. Web Request
web_request->appPrefix [web_request->appPrefix] returns the LASSOSERVER_APP_PREFIX web server header value. Web Request
web_request->contentLength The [web_request->contentLength] method returns the length of the post data sent to the server. Web Request
web_request->contentType The [web_request->contentType] method returns the value of the Content-Type header passed to the web server by the browser. Web Request
web_request->cookies The [web_request->cookies] method returns a staticarray of all the cookies sent to the web server. Web Request
web_request->headers The [web_request->headers] method returns a map of all the headers sent to the web server by the client. Web Request
web_request->header The [web_request->header] method takes a string specifying an HTTP header and returns the value for that header that the client sent to the web server. Web Request
web_request->fileUploads The [web_request->fileUploads] method returns information about any HTTP file uploads given to the current request. This method returns a sequence of containers (usually but not always a... Web Request
file_uploads [file_uploads] is a compatibility layer implementation of [web_request->fileUploads]. Please see [web_request->fileUploads] for a complete description of it's usage. Web Request
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Please note that periodically LassoSoft will go through the notes and may incorporate information from them into the documentation. Any submission here gives LassoSoft a non-exclusive license and will be made available in various formats to the Lasso community.

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