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set The [set] creates a new set. Any parameters to the method are copied as the initial elements for the set. Set
set->asString The [set->asString] method outputs a set as a string object.  This method is used primarily for debugging purposes. Set
set->get [set->get(key)] returns an element of the set. Since sets exist entirely of keys, the key is provided and the key is returned if it is contained within the set. If the key does not exist within... Set
set->eachNode No description available. Set
set->find [Set->Find] searches the set for the parameter and returns a set element which matches. Accepts a single parameter of any data type including matchers. If no elements in the set match the... Set
set->forEach The [set->forEach] method allows an operation to be performed on each element of the set in turn. Set
set->insert The [set->insert] method inserts the specified value into the set. The set is modified in-place and no result is returned. Set
set->insertFrom No description available. Set
set->remove The [set->remove] removes one element from a set. The method requires one parameter which is either the element to be removed or, if the element is a name/value pair, the "name" of... Set
set->removeall The [set->removeall] method removes all elements from the set. Set
set->values The [set->values] method returns a staticarray object containing the elements of the set. Set
set->serializationElements No description available. Set
set->acceptDeserializedElement No description available. Set
set->forEachNode No description available. Set
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