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session_getDefaultDriver [session_getDefaultDriver] returns the default session driver for Lasso. In Lasso 9 this is "sqlite_session_driver" Session
session_setDefaultDriver [session_setDefaultDriver] sets the default session driver. Possible values are 'sqlite', 'memory' and 'mysql'. Session
session_start [Session_Start] starts a new session or loads an exisiting session. Initializes a session in the current page. If a session has not already been created for the current visitor then a new... Session
session_addvar [Session_AddVar] adds a variable to a specified session. Accepts two parameters: The name of the session and the name of the variable. At the end of the current page the value of the... Session
session_removevar [Session_RemoveVar] removes a variable from a specified session. Accepts two parameters: the name of the session and the name of the variable to remove. Once a variable has been removed... Session
session_end [Session_End] ends the specified session. Accepts one parameter, the name of the session which is to be ended. Session
session_id [Session_ID] returns the current session ID. Accepts a single parameter: -Name is the name of the session for which the session ID should be returned. Session
session_abort [Session_Abort] prevents any modifications to session variables from being saved at the end of the current page. This method can be used to make load-only sessions or to help recover from an error... Session
session_result [Session_Result] can be called immediately after a [Session_Start] method to find out whether a new session was created, an existing session was loaded, or a session expired. The following... Session
session_deleteexpired [Session_DeleteExpired] triggers the cleanup of the session table. Any sessions which are past their expiration date will be deleted from the table. This method is called automatically by Lasso on a... Session
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