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loop_count [Loop_Count] returns the number of the current repetition of any looping method. When used with the [Loop] method, it obeys the optional parameters so the [Loop_Count] can run backward or... Loop
loop_value [Loop_Value] returns the value of the current value within an [iterate] container. Within the container, [loop_value] can be modified, however the source object within the iterated object... Loop
loop_key [loop_key] is analogous to [loop_value] when using [iterate] with no variable to store the iterative value in. Loop
loop_abort [Loop_Abort] aborts the [Loop] or [While] containers, exiting immediately and not executing any further repetitions of the loop. The [Loop_Abort] method can be used to abort any looping... Loop
loop_continue [Loop_Continue] ends the current iteration of a looping method and immediately starts the next iteration. Loop
loop [loop] executes the provided body of code a specified number of times. A single parameter specifies the number of times the body should loop. The [Loop_Count] method can be used within the body of... Loop
iterate The [Iterate] method loops through each element of a data type, such as an array or a map. A variable is set to the value of each element of the data type in turn. This allows the same operation to... Loop
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