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dns_response [DNS_Response] is a helper type which is used to format both DNS requests and responses. Normally a value of this type will only be returned from the [DNS_Lookup] method when -ShowResponse is... DNS
dns_lookup [DNS_Lookup] performs a DNS query and returns the results in one of several formats. The method requires a single parameter which specifies the host name or IP address that should be looked up. ... DNS
dns_default [DNS_Default] is a helper method which is used internally by the [DNS_Lookup] method. This method returns an array containing the default DNS hosts for the current machine. These are the hosts... DNS
dns_response->format No description available. DNS
dns_response->data No description available. DNS
dns_response->answer [DNS_Response->Answer] wil return an array of answers for most DNS responses. Address lookups or reverse lookups will return an array of IP addresses or host names. MX record lookups wil return an... DNS
dns_response->bitformat No description available. DNS
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