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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
11 Mar, 2014  [var_define] Variable declaration with override and validation options Variable Shelane French
11 Mar, 2014  [QueryString] Generates a URL-encoded query string from the string or array provided. Link Shelane French
29 Jan, 2014  [string->encodeBash] Returns the string encoded such that it can be given to bash as a literal command line argument. String Kyle Jessup
05 Nov, 2013  [encode_sqlfull] Safe encoding for strings used in SQL LIKE statements Database Jolle Carlestam
17 Oct, 2013  [web_request_params] Fast friendly implementation to work with web_request->params Action Ke Carlton
11 Oct, 2013  [Multi-key map->find] A map->find addition which returns values for multiple keys. Utility Kyle Jessup
07 Oct, 2013  [formatted_decimal] formatted_decimal attempts to operate as decimal did in Lasso 8, with regards to the ->setFormat method. Math Kyle Jessup
03 Oct, 2013  [response_localfolder(9)] Returns the absolute path to the current directory Response Jonathan Guthrie
14 Aug, 2013  [string->ascii] Returns only the ASCII characters in a string. String Ke Carlton
14 Aug, 2013  [xs_cat] Nested Set content tags Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
25 Jul, 2013  [every] Restricts blocks from executing more frequently than the specified number of seconds. Action Ke Carlton
10 Jul, 2013  [image->ishex] Check if an image is a solid colour (specified by a hex value) Image Ke Carlton
09 Jul, 2013  [file->getattr] Get custom attribute from a file Action Ke Carlton
09 Jul, 2013  [file->setattr] Set a custom file attribute File Ke Carlton
22 May, 2013  [mv_fmtnum] Format (serial)numbers Tags Marc Vos
22 May, 2013  [lp_client_browser for L9] Browser and device detection Tags Marc Vos
19 May, 2013  [holidayDates] Return an array of holiday dates for one submitted year. French moving dates that depends on Easter day and custom days Date Jean-Pierre Kocherhans
12 Apr, 2013  [valid_routingnumber] Validate bank routing number using ABA check digit algorithm Custom Tag Justin Dennis
26 Mar, 2013  [calc_distance] Calculate distance between two lat/lon points using Haversine formula Utility Tim Taplin
23 Mar, 2013  [json_header] Alternative to content_type('application/json') that fixes MSIE. Utility Jonathan Guthrie
14 Feb, 2013  [clean_lasso_database] Cleans up Lasso 8 SQLite db from dynamically generated tables Administration Marc Vos
11 Feb, 2013  [amtac_fileuploads] Wrapper making file uploads more convenient to handle File Jolle Carlestam
11 Dec, 2012  [lp_client_browser(9)] An experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_browser Client Jonathan Guthrie
17 Oct, 2012  [trait_serializable(auto)] Extension to trait_serializable which handles de/serialisation automatically. Session Ke Carlton
11 Oct, 2012  [lp_client_isBot(9)] Experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_isBot to Lasso 9 Client Jonathan Guthrie
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