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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
02 May, 2007  [Async] Runs any tag asyncronisly with params, logging and reference modifying. Action Ke Carlton
18 Sep, 2012  [xs_genPwd(9)] Generates a random password, updated for Lasso 9 Action Jonathan Guthrie
31 Aug, 2012  [stdin_hidden] Short term tag to hidden password input when using lasso cli. Action Ke Carlton
09 Jul, 2013  [file->getattr] Get custom attribute from a file Action Ke Carlton
25 Jul, 2013  [every] Restricts blocks from executing more frequently than the specified number of seconds. Action Ke Carlton
05 Aug, 2015  [web_request_params] Fast friendly implementation to work with web_request->params Action Ke Carlton
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_createdatabase] Creates a new database on the selected host and enables it in SiteAdmin. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_creategroup] Adds a new group to Lasso Admin. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassignhost] Assigns the specified host to the specified group. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassigndatabase] Assigns the specified database to the specified group. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassignpath] Assigns the given path to the given group. Administration Jason Huck
04 Mar, 2007  [site_refresh] Alternate method for restarting the current Lasso Site programmatically. Administration Jason Huck
29 Apr, 2007  [Admin_AssignDatabaseToGroup] Allows you to quickly assign a database and it's tables to a specific group Administration Adam Randall
19 May, 2007  [site_create] Creates a new Lasso Site via ServerAdmin. Administration Jason Huck
14 Feb, 2013  [clean_lasso_database] Cleans up Lasso 8 SQLite db from dynamically generated tables Administration Marc Vos
21 Nov, 2006  [host_id] Returns the id for the given host name or alias. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_listhosts] Returns an array of all enabled hosts. Administration Jason Huck
05 Jun, 2006  [lp_array_columns] Takes an array of elements and breaks them into rows and columns (returns them as an array of arrays) Array Bil Corry
06 Nov, 2010  [array_flip_9] Lasso 9 port of array_flip, plus implements array->flip. Inverts the key/value pairs in a pair array. Array Jonathan Guthrie
02 Dec, 2005  [lp_array_join] Similar to array->join, but with more options. Array Bil Corry
09 Mar, 2006  [pk_range] Returns an array of strings Array Pier Kuipers
24 Oct, 2005  [array_shuffle] Returns the given array in a new, random order. Array Jason Huck
10 Oct, 2007  [alphasorter] Comparator for proper Swedish sorting of arrays Array Johan Solve
08 Apr, 2008  [join_params] Join POST or GET arguments values with the same value, to make an inline-friendly pairs array. Array Dominique Guardiola Falco
08 Sep, 2009  [macfindersort] Sorts an array of strings in the same way as the Macintosh Finder, honouring numerical values. Array Pier Kuipers
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