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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
25 Mar, 2012  [parse_csv] Parse CSV file format File Johan Solve
24 Jun, 2009  [string_truncate_fade] Truncates a string using a fade out effect String Johan Solve
04 Jun, 2009  [deserialize85] Replacement for deserialize for compatibility with dates serialized with 8.1 Technical Johan Solve
27 May, 2009  [client_real_ip] Returns real Client IP behind proxy, load balancer etc Client Johan Solve
13 Nov, 2008  [sortcolumns] Sort MySQL columns alphabetically Database Johan Solve
30 Oct, 2008  [encode_rtf] Encodes plain text and some html tags for use in rtf documents String Johan Solve
25 Sep, 2008  [stripbackticks] Removes ` form strings, making them safe to use for MySQL object names String Johan Solve
09 Jul, 2008  [decode_koremutake] Decodes a Koremutake string into an integer Encoding Johan Solve
09 Jul, 2008  [encode_koremutake] Encodes a number to memorable string using the Koremutake algorithm Encoding Johan Solve
19 Mar, 2008  [js_directorytree] Recursive directory lister File Johan Solve
08 Feb, 2008  [js_flattenparams] Flattens arrays passed to custom tags so they look like regular parameters Technical Johan Solve
10 Oct, 2007  [alphasorter] Comparator for proper Swedish sorting of arrays Array Johan Solve
16 May, 2007  [corporateipsum] Generates Dilbert-style placeholder text Utility Johan Solve
03 Mar, 2007  [include_global] Include variant that looks for target file outsode of root File Johan Solve
24 Jan, 2007  [found_rows] Returns proper found count also when using -uselimit Database Johan Solve
27 Dec, 2006  [smtp_send8] Adds bounce control to [email_send] Email Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [js_timer] Custom type to handle page timers Utility Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [encode_url_encoding] encode_url that follows the current page encoding Encoding Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [setHTTPstatus] Custom tag to set HTTP status Technical Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [client_host] Returns the Host from the request header Client Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [unique_id] Shorter unique ID string Utility Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [fulltext] Emulates FileMaker's convenient fulltext search behavior with MySQL Database Johan Solve
05 Sep, 2006  [applescript] Run AppleScript Technical Johan Solve
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