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18 Jun, 2008  [array_unique] An array that only holds unique values. Array Jason Huck
10 Oct, 2007  [alphasorter] Comparator for proper Swedish sorting of arrays Array Johan Solve
28 Apr, 2006  [lp_array_roundrobin] Given an array, it will return the next element in the array. Array Bil Corry
17 Jan, 2006  [array_flip] Inverts the key/value pairs in a pair array. Array Jason Huck
08 Apr, 2008  [join_params] Join POST or GET arguments values with the same value, to make an inline-friendly pairs array. Array Dominique Guardiola Falco
06 Nov, 2010  [array_flip_9] Lasso 9 port of array_flip, plus implements array->flip. Inverts the key/value pairs in a pair array. Array Jonathan Guthrie
29 Nov, 2009  [jh_arrayofpositions] Returns an array of positions (eg 1, 2, 4=, 4=) from any sorted array. Array James Harvard
09 Mar, 2006  [pk_range] Returns an array of strings Array Pier Kuipers
24 Oct, 2005  [array_shuffle] Returns the given array in a new, random order. Array Jason Huck
02 Dec, 2005  [lp_array_join] Similar to array->join, but with more options. Array Bil Corry
08 Sep, 2009  [macfindersort] Sorts an array of strings in the same way as the Macintosh Finder, honouring numerical values. Array Pier Kuipers
05 Jun, 2006  [lp_array_columns] Takes an array of elements and breaks them into rows and columns (returns them as an array of arrays) Array Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_array] Use in place of [array] - has additional useful member tags. Array Bil Corry
29 Dec, 2014  [meeting_bingo] [meeting_bingo] is a stupid Lasso method that generates a BINGO! game card with unique meeting buzzwords Array Steve Piercy
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