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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
05 Nov, 2013  [encode_sqlfull] Safe encoding for strings used in SQL LIKE statements Database Jolle Carlestam
12 Jan, 2011  [pk_soundex] Converts a string into a Soundex code Database Pier Kuipers
13 Nov, 2008  [sortcolumns] Sort MySQL columns alphabetically Database Johan Solve
03 Oct, 2008  [field_list] Returns missing and unused fields within an inline. Database Ke Carlton
15 Feb, 2008  [mysql_fields] For MySQL, returns details about the table used in the current inline. Database Jason Huck
02 Feb, 2008  [get_set_options] Returns an array of the possible values for a SET Database Chris Corwin
02 Aug, 2007  [row_count] Returns the number of affected rows from the last MySQL query. Database Jason Huck
24 Jan, 2007  [found_rows] Returns proper found count also when using -uselimit Database Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [fulltext] Emulates FileMaker's convenient fulltext search behavior with MySQL Database Johan Solve
17 May, 2006  [lp_inline_dataset] Records abstraction type. Database Bil Corry
26 Apr, 2006  [Table_Exists] Returns TRUE if a table exists in a specified database. Database John Burwell
26 Apr, 2006  [Database_Exists] Returns TRUE if the specified -Database exists, FALSE if not. Database John Burwell
14 Mar, 2006  [fields_convert] Converts fields to different types of vars. Database Jason Huck
21 Jan, 2006  [display_sql] Simple tag to view action_statements for debugging SQL. Database Alex Pilson
29 Nov, 2005  [show_mySQLvars] Utiltity to view your MySQL system variables Database Alex Pilson
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