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04 Jun, 2010  [time] Allows formatting of time values in the same way that Date Jolle Carlestam
21 Mar, 2006  [pk_fourdigityear] converts a 2-digit year to a 4-digit year Date Pier Kuipers
06 Sep, 2006  [lp_date_localtoUTC] Converts a date from server timezone to UTC/GMT timezone. Date Bil Corry
06 Sep, 2006  [lp_date_UTCtoLocal] Converts a date from UTC/GMT timezone to server timezone. Date Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_date_stringToDate] Converts a date string to a date type. Date Bil Corry
11 Jun, 2014  [time_ampmto24] Converts times formatted as hh:mm AM/PM to 24-hour format Date Steve Piercy
25 Jul, 2008  [vz_elapsedtime] Display how long ago a date/time has happened in relation to the current date. Date Pier Kuipers
16 Jan, 2006  [c5_clockskew] Displays the difference between client and server time. Date Jason Huck
11 Nov, 2010  [excel_date] Excel Serial Date format utilities Date Dominique Guardiola Falco
01 Mar, 2010  [date_age(9)] Expansion of the date type adding an age method Date Jolle Carlestam
05 Sep, 2007  [calendar_grid] Generates calendar grids. Date Jason Huck
16 Jan, 2006  [rp_timemenu] Generates html time menus Date Randy Phillips
03 Dec, 2005  [lp_date_leapyear] Given a year (or date), it returns true if it is a Gregorian leap year, or false if it is not. Date Bil Corry
05 Feb, 2006  [DT_Date] Outputs Formatted date based on whether date occurs during Daylight Saving / Summer Time Date Rick Draper
07 Jun, 2007  [date_relative] Outputs the given date in relative format (yesterday/today/tomorrow). Date Jason Huck
19 Mar, 2012  [mv_clcdat] Perfom date calculations and formatting Date Marc Vos
13 Oct, 2014  [valid_date] Replacement of Lasso 9 valid_date Date Jolle Carlestam
19 May, 2013  [holidayDates] Return an array of holiday dates for one submitted year. French moving dates that depends on Easter day and custom days Date Jean-Pierre Kocherhans
11 Jun, 2014  [holiday] Returns a date for a given ordinal occurrence, day of week, month and year. Date Steve Piercy
06 Dec, 2005  [lp_date_date1970] Returns a date given the number of days since 1/1/1970. Date Bil Corry
21 Apr, 2006  [lp_date_JulianDate] Returns a Julian Date given a Gregorian date. Date Bil Corry
21 Apr, 2006  [lp_date_JulianSplit] Returns a map of the Julian date and time, given a Julian date. Date Bil Corry
02 Mar, 2006  [lp_date_stringToOffset] Returns a standardize timezone string (e.g. +0100) given a timezone offset string. Date Bil Corry
11 Jun, 2014  [date_age] Returns age in years. Date Steve Piercy
05 Feb, 2008  [jina_weekNum] Returns correct ISO week number for a given date Date Jolle Carlestam
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