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17 Oct, 2012  [trait_serializable(auto)] Extension to trait_serializable which handles de/serialisation automatically. Session Ke Carlton
30 Nov, 2009  [session_save] Forces an immediate save of the named session. Session Göran Törnquist
08 Jan, 2009  [Banned_IP] Check if a user's [Client_IP] is in your banned list. Session Israel Thompson
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_session_vars] Returns all session vars in an array, or if a session name is specified, just the vars for that session name. Session Bil Corry
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_session_id] Retrieves all current Session IDs and returns them as HTML s, URL strings or an array of pairs. Session Bil Corry
14 Mar, 2006  [session_var] Simultaneously defines variables and adds them to the given session. Session Jason Huck
08 Mar, 2006  [xs_sessionVars] Defines session vars from a supplied map and data type Session Jonathan Guthrie
12 Feb, 2006  [lp_session_redirect] Redirects to a target site and includes the current session(s), if any. Session Bil Corry
11 Feb, 2006  [session_vars] Returns an array of variables in the given session. Session Jason Huck
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