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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
03 Jul, 2007  [uploadVars] Creates vars of the upload map elements Utility Alex Pilson
22 May, 2008  [lp_page_path] Returns page path information, depending on the member tag used. Utility Bil Corry
17 Aug, 2007  [lp_include_url] Charset-aware include_url, returns string instead of bytes. Utility Bil Corry
26 Aug, 2006  [lp_header_noPrefetch] Aborts the page if the page is prefetched by a browser. Utility Bil Corry
14 Jan, 2008  [lp_demo_fullname] Returns a random American name (first middle last). Utility Bil Corry
08 Mar, 2007  [lp_site_isStarting] Returns true when the site starting up. Utility Bil Corry
14 Sep, 2007  [lp_lasso_version] Returns the Lasso version, edition and platform in a single string. Utility Bil Corry
02 Dec, 2005  [lp_page_timer] Returns the elapsed time in milliseconds. Utility Bil Corry
02 Sep, 2006  [lp_display_filesize] Returns the file size formatted for display given the number of bytes. Utility Bil Corry
17 May, 2006  [lp_iterate] Similar to iterate, but does not require the looping var. Utility Bil Corry
08 Mar, 2007  [lp_site_restart] Restarts the current Lasso site. Utility Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_page_trim] Removes unneeded whitespace from page being served to client browser. Utility Bil Corry
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_page_isAtEnd] Returns true when called within [define_atEnd]. Utility Bil Corry
16 Jan, 2006  [Valid_SSN] Check a social security number for validness. Utility Chris Corwin
01 Feb, 2008  [Valid_Phone] Check a phone number for validness. Utility Chris Corwin
23 Jun, 2008  [Debug] Creates a debug container to output debugging information. Utility Eric Landmann
23 Jun, 2008  [LI_URLRedirect] Creates a clickable link of a URL to redirect to if Debug is on, otherwise redirects. Utility Eric Landmann
04 Jan, 2008  [Google_Checkout] Simple integration of Lasso with Google Checkout. Utility Fletcher Sandbeck
18 Jun, 2008  [FTP_DeleteFile] A tag to delete a file from an FTP server. Utility Gary Sprague
08 May, 2006  [weatherbug_getstations] Returns a list of WeatherBug stations in a zip code. Utility Jason Huck
28 Apr, 2006  [akismet] Check user-contributed content for spam with the Akismet API. Utility Jason Huck
16 Jan, 2006  [inline_transaction] Executes the supplied SQL queries as a single transaction. Utility Jason Huck
26 Apr, 2006  [amazon_albumcover] Retrieves a large image URL for the given album from Amazon. Utility Jason Huck
07 Aug, 2007  [google_analytics] Retrieves reports from Google Analytics. Utility Jason Huck
20 Jul, 2006  [yahoo_news] Retrieves the specified feed data from Yahoo! News. Utility Jason Huck
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