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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
01 Feb, 2006  [nCtag_Calendar] Creates 1+ Horz or Vert Multi-Calendars using CSS Custom Tag Bret Williams
29 Nov, 2009  [jh_arrayofpositions] Returns an array of positions (eg 1, 2, 4=, 4=) from any sorted array. Array James Harvard
28 Apr, 2006  [akismet] Check user-contributed content for spam with the Akismet API. Utility Jason Huck
16 Jan, 2006  [c5_shortunique] Generates a 14-character UID. Utility Jason Huck
24 Jan, 2006  [State_Select] Creates a select menu of states for use within a form. Custom Tag Jeremy Schwartz
03 Mar, 2007  [include_global] Include variant that looks for target file outsode of root File Johan Solve
06 Sep, 2006  [encode_url_encoding] encode_url that follows the current page encoding Encoding Johan Solve
13 Oct, 2006  [FormatAccounting] Displays any decimal number in standard accounting format. (like Excel) String Justin Dennis
16 Jan, 2009  [Fedex_Shipping_Tracking_Script] Simple Solution for Fedex Tracking Tags Marc Pope
16 Jan, 2006  [pk_rgbtohex] Converts an RGB value into Hex String Pier Kuipers
09 Mar, 2006  [pk_range] Returns an array of strings Array Pier Kuipers
16 Nov, 2005  [PK_ByteSize] Returns a size in readable fromat, e.g. Bytes Pier Kuipers
09 Mar, 2006  [ajax_inPlaceEditor] Lasso Tag that emulates Ajax.InPlaceEditor Custom Tag Richard Moore
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