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Lasso DevCon 2014 Sessions 


Public Session: OWASP Top Ten 

Treefrog HQ Events Room: 567 Davis Drive, Newmarket L3Y 2P5

Presented by Bil Corry

Date: October 2nd, 2014

Time: 5pm - 6:15pm

Bil presents an easy to understand overview of the most common information security traps, hacks, and exploits seen in the past year as determined by the "Open Web Application Security Project" OWASP.

This session will be informative and valuable to all who are involved in online information - from users entering their personal data during an online purchase, to business owners responsible for online information collection, to developers who code the collection forms, data transmission methods, and hosting providers who house data collecting websites on their servers.

Knowing where the risks are is the first step to improved security. This session will give you the information on what to review and address for the gaps or oversights in your current systems. 

This event will be booked-out. Reserve your seat today!

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