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LassoSoft announces LassoLab:

- an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Lasso programming language.

May 25, 2012

Noted as the 'biggest release in Lasso since we started' by lead Lasso Architect, Kyle Jessup, LassoLab gives the Lasso community a development platform that integrates a wide range of development tools.

Based on the Eclipse IDE, LassoLab builds on more specific features for Lasso such as code folding, syntax highlighting, and debugging. Taking the IDE a step further it integrates directly to Lasso references, language guide, TagSwap community shared code (now also under the LassoSoft main umbrella), as well as the newly updated LassoTalk community forum.

LassoLab allows developers to manage multiple projects at one time with greater ease using the LassoLab interface. LassoLab was announced at the Lasso Developer Conference 2012 in Toronto on May 25. The most highly acclaimed feature was the debugging functionality that gives the developers greater control and flexibility in code testing during development, including a hierarchical view of the calling stack giving visual feedback for troubleshooting and fixing errors.

LassoLab is a free, open source download, that requires Lasso 9.2 to be installed on the server, yet runs independently of this. LassoLab has the potential for advanced feature plugins both paid and free bringing indications of future plans for LassoSoft to open the way for other developers to create plugins for distribution for the LassoLab IDE.

The LassoSoft team is already planning a Profiler plugin, which will identify inefficient functions in Lasso code to assist in code optimization and allow developers to fully leverage the speed and power of Lasso 9.

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