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Become a Lasso Development Partner

Join forces with LassoSoft and be at the forefront of new Lasso work.

Companies who become Lasso Development Partners are significant services, hardware or software providers, larger development agencies, developer co-operatives, or niche product developers with a desire to be on the leading edge of Lasso.



In addition, LDPs are interested in :


You get a greater presence on the LassoSoft site, and greater access to new Lasso work, plus these additional benefits:


Double your voting on the priority of new Lasso development or issues resolution.

Your Lasso Development Partner membership doubles your group's votes (whether CLD, or CLD with LPA multiplier too) that can be allocated each month.

View your account to see how many Votes you have to use.


You can set your membership installments to occur on a cycle most suited to your billing needs - either monthly, or repeating on any given number of months.

Contact our sales team for more information.

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