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Day One: Lift-off

06 Dec 2010

Today was my first day as CEO of LassoSoft Inc.

Today started a new day for the Lasso language - an era of transparency and respect, openness and vision for the future. Today we began the process of change.

I am not here for myself, to be honest. I am here to make sure that anyone who needs to know that I am committed to change sees that I am genuine in my desire to see victory for our Lasso language and begin growth once more.

In the last few days, since our purchase of LassoSoft, I have been absolutely inundated with emotional emails, ranging from "Go, man, Go! This is great news!", to "this supports my long standing fear that Lasso has been dying a slow death". I am awash with email, phone calls and IMs - and I begin with an apology for not being able to reach out and talk to you all at once - to share my common frustrations and share with you my aspirations for the future.

I have not shared my plans to take over the world with you, as I believe I have a responsibility to listen to the community of developers first and foremost, and my job is to sift through your intelligent feedback and strike out towards the best path towards success.

There is no one path towards success. But there may be a fastest way to get there.

Several years ago, I was working in Inuvik, with the Gwich'in ( They are some of the most remarkable people I have met in my travels. One thing which truly struck me was their definition of leadership (as explained to me by an elder). Leadership was not a right. Not a religious or hierarchical or birth-right crown, nor was it cast by vote or by riches. Leadership was a function of survival - people merely followed the individual whose vision made the most sense. Which direction is the caribou this season? Nobody really knows. But that guy over there is as likely to guess - or more - than anyone else, because he has listened and collected knowledge from everyone, and made an informed decision accordingly. His decisions are the best choice to avoid starvation.

I realize, many of you are trusting me with your lives, and I do not take the decision of where to go next with Lasso lightly. I strike out towards caribou.

Lasso is going to achieve significantly more than what it has to date, that is my first promise to you.

What I can tell you is this:

Today we had more salaried people completely engaged in the development of Lasso and the business of LassoSoft than in the history of the language. (I am not trying to be a historical revisionist, incidentally, but just looking back through available historical material and find no proof that more people have ever worked for the company at once directly or indirectly on Lasso).

This first day comes with a clear vision for the future of Lasso - a strong and vivacious day which begins the dawn of a new era. I look at my iChat at 10:30pm on Day One and see a half-dozen LassoSoft people still working late into the night on making our new dreams a reality.

I celebrate with you my first day, and hope you in turn celebrate with me in return.

Sean Stephens
LassoSoft Inc.


Oups this blog is Lasso driven... I apologise for my previous post ! There are 2 "LEAP" CMS... Sorry for not enough thinking before speaking.
Let's go on with LassoScript !

by JPK, 07 December 2010

The anti aliasing on this font is pretty hard to read on Windows 7... just sayin...

by Daniel Logue, 07 December 2010

Hi ! Great to heard about a new move for Lasso...
Great language we've being using for since the early beginning.
I know the community used to be great and active, do what is to be done to make it grow again !
Aem, didn't you found a way to use a LassoScript based engine for your blog ?!-)
Go on !

by JPK, 07 December 2010

Sean, incredibly thoughtful and insightful words of wisdom here.

by Alex Pilson, 07 December 2010

Just like having a breakfast RedBull. I'm energized!

by Jim Van Heule, 07 December 2010

This is really great, but where’s my RSS feed? ;-)

by Ole, 07 December 2010

I'm now more optimistic for the future with Lasso.

by Mark Palmer, 07 December 2010

Great start! Good going!
I wish there were an RSS feed for this blog...

by Göran Törnquist, 07 December 2010

Thanks Sean, a great Day One!

by Stefano Scarano, 07 December 2010

Great effort Sean, I am delighted Lasso looks to be going to survive...

by Gordon Mclean, 07 December 2010

Thank you for this good news! I like your style and positiveness! When everything works out, Lasso is great hands!

by Marc Vos, 07 December 2010

Transparency, change, and a dash of hope thrown in at the end...Are you running for POTUS or offering up a cocktail recipe?
Hopefully it's the latter and it's a recipe for Lasso's success.

by BKM, 07 December 2010

Honestly, this news excites me more than anything I've read during the past few days. Glad to see some forward motion begin to return to the Lasso community - and curious to see how Treefrog puts it's design touches on Listsearch.

by Greg Mefford, 07 December 2010

Great start Sean, I welcome your efforts!

by Marc Pope, 06 December 2010

I can't see you. You're transparent.
Looking forward to the near future. Go shovel your snow.

by Rich, 06 December 2010

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