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Lasso Dev Conference 2013


Interactive, engaging, and offering a wide range of learning - the Lasso Developer Conference is relaxed and inclusive - small enough to get to know you, and advanced enough for you to really get your registrations value back in efficiencies from all you will learn!

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Keynote: Lasso Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Sean Stephens, CEO LassoSoft

Sean Stephens,
CEO LassoSoft



Worldwide Stabilization

Kyle Jessup

Kyle Jessup,
Chief Lasso Architect 




Jono Guthrie

On Administering Lasso: seeing the light!

Presented by: Jonathan Guthrie, CLD

Waterfall vs Agile methodoloy:

Presented by: Fletcher Sandbeck, Cumuli Inc.

Jim Leavitt

Using Sphinx

Presented by Jim Leavitt, CLD

Modern Debugging Techniques:

Presented by: Paul Higgins, Higginsoft Inc.

Brad Lindsay

An introduction to Test-Driven development using lspec

Presented by Brad Lindsay, CLD

Jolle Carlestam

Become a sys_process Master

Presented by: Jolle Carlestam, CLD 

Lassoing a Cloud: Amazon Web Services and Lasso

Presented by: Fletcher Sandbeck, Cumuli Inc.

Steffan Cline

MVC vs OOP vs Procedural: what's in an approach?

Presented by: Steffan Cline

Less headaches: compiling and debugging CSS using LESS

Facilitated by: Chris Corwin

Brad Lindsay Jolle Carlestam

Running Lasso 9 from the Command-Line 

Presented by Brad Lindsay, CLD 
and  Jolle Carlestam, CLD

Jesse Skinner

Deciphering Useability

Presented by: Jessie Skinner, thefutureoftheweb

Tim Taplin

Lasso in multi-platform mobile environments

Presented by Tim Taplin, CLD

The OWASP Top 10 Security Threats - Case Study

Presented by: Bil Corry

Jono Guthrie

Method Overload

Presented by: Jonathan Guthrie, CLD

Eric Knibbe

AutoDocs and using ReST

Presented by: Eric Knibbe

Control Flow Integrity: conscious foundational security

Presented by: Bil Corry

Jono Guthrie

Traits: Give your code a personality

Presented by: Jonathan Guthrie, CLD


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