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Synopsis and abstracts for Sessions are being added frequently. Please check back soon for more details.

You hate CAPTCHAs, your customers hate CAPTCHAs, but you hate automated attacks even more.

I'll discuss the concept of "step-up authentication" that seeks to reward trusted users with less friction, and malicious users with more friction.

Clickjacking forces the victims into attacking themselves, but you can protect your users with a security header (and for older browsers, a JavaScript framebuster).

Bil will go over the attack, the protection mechanisms, and your options when you have to allow framing on your site.

Learn from Bil Corry, noted information security specialist at PayPal.

Bil presents an easy to understand overview of the most common information security traps, hacks, and exploits seen in the past year as determined by the "Open Web Application Security Project" OWASP.

Learn what to watch for, and what areas you need to be most concerned about in your online information systems.  Read More / public registration

Making Better LassoApps with Lasso9

Presented by: Jono Guthrie

Jono Guthrie will present the latest tricks for building better LassoApps for Lasso9.

Learn how to leverage application and user interface frameworks to quickly develop and deploy applications with Lasso 9 including :

  • Single Sign On,
  • User authentication API techniques,
  • Code standardization.

Creating simple interfaces for RESTful API's

Presented by: Jono Guthrie

Using the Lasso 9 GitHub API as a practical example, explore the creation of a RESTful API interface to make integration of remote data simple and easy.

Learn how to:

  • Create Lasso 9 data types for accessing the data in your own application code;
  • Techniques for caching
  • Post loading data to reduce latency.

Lasso and Amazon

Presented by: Fletcher Sandbeck

Fletcher Sandbeck will present a series of tips and tricks for integrating Lasso with Amazon's cloud platform.

Topics to be discussed include:

Writing shell scripts to manage Lasso in a load balanced environment.

  • Setting up Lasso on a CentOS server.
  • Using DynamoDB, a NoSQL server with Lasso,and,
  • Using the Amazon SDK to manage S3 resources.

Although Amazon's technology will be used for examples the principles discussed should apply to other cloud systems and to virtual systems used by familiar Lasso hosting services.

Lasso and Angular JS

Presented by: Jolle Carlestam

Jolle Carlestam gives an engaging presentation on how to make your browser into an app: Angular JS, the powerful JavaScript framework.

When demands increase on letting the browser experience mimic what you can do in a real application it is easy to get buried in a home made soup consisting of Jquery, JSON, CSS, HTML and manual DOM tweaks.

Comes Angular JS to the rescue. An open-source JavaScript framework introduced by Google using an MVC approach that is de-emphasizing DOM manipulation, improving testability & performance and leading to light but powerful web applications.

It does not come without a price though. This session will act as an introduction to Angular JS and how you can use it together with Lasso 9, showing both the perks and the caveats.

iCalendar and Lasso 9

Presented by: Jolle Carlestam

Ever been requested to export or import calendar data in your Lasso 9 solutions? Found it tricky?

iCalendar to the rescue. It is a well established format (not to be confused with the OSX app) for exchanging calendar data between applications. Given the right care, nurturing (and types) Lasso 9 can play nicely with Icalendar files both for putting the data into your own solutions and for supplying them as exports or subscriptions.

Benefits of use include:

  • Export/import single date objects or entire calendars
  • Handle recurring events, like repeat every day, week, month etc
  • Allow Apple Calendar, MS Outlook, Google calendar etc to subscribe to calendars from your Lasso 9 solution
  • Protect your published calendars with authentication
  • Provide links to files connected with an event
Sean Stephens

SuperCharge Your LinkedIN 


Presented by: Sean Stephens

An entertaining and compelling talk on how Social Media can be leveraged for your business, how LinkedIn fits into the larger picture for developers as busines owners / solepreneurs and how each and every component of LinkedIn works.

  • Learn about Social Media and why LinkedIn is important for developers
  • Discover strategies for optimizing personal, business and team pages
  • Learn key business strategies for increasing connections and connecting with others 
  • Identify and use the power tools available to supercharge your LinkedIn usage
  • In just a few hours, you will understand LinkedIn as you never have before!

Google AdSense

Presented by: Lewis Sandbeck

Lewis will give an overview of Google AdSense and show how it can be used to earn revenue from your websites. Topics to be discussed include:

The basics of setting up AdSense and integrating Google's JavaScript into Lasso.

  • How different ad placements can affect revenue.
  • How underperforming ad slots can affect revenue.
  • Indexed vs unindexed pages, and,
  • Best practices for meta tags and keywords.

Introducing the Rope Framework

Presented by: Brad Lindsay

Rope is a light-weight and flexible framework for Lasso 9 and is now ready to be introduced to the world. Rope was designed to make it easy for developers to create web applications with clean URLs while promoting best-practices such as keeping presentation code and logic code separated. With Rope, developers can easily register blocks of code to run when certain URLs are requested, programmatically generate these URL paths in your templates, pass local variables into included code files, create validations for your custom types, and more.

This presentation will introduce you to the Rope framework: it's installation, use during development, and deployment options. This introduction is meant to serve two purposes:

1. Get you familiar with and exited about using Rope,
​2. Get you interested in submitting feedback and collaborating with me on making Rope the best web framework available.

Artisan Code: Best Practice in Code Architecture

Presented by: Brad Lindsay

I like to think of myself as craftsman - someone who is constantly seeking to get better at his trade. I want to always be improving the quality of what I produce, and thus I reflect on the work I have done and seek out what others have learned from their experiences. Becoming a programmer means becoming someone who is always learning how to program.

This presentation will discuss concepts and strategies for designing high-quality code. It will cover things like having a clear API, keeping your code DRY, establishing a separation of concerns, and producing readable code. Many of the examples will come from lessons learned by designing and using the Rope framework and Query library.

Lasso and CouchDB: The happy couple.

Presented by: Ari Najarian

Over the past 3 years, I transitioned my projects away from traditional relational databases, and on to CouchDB (an open-source noSQL database). Doing so revolutionized my approach to software development. 

CouchDB will challenge your notions of what a database can and should do. It has a built-in HTTP server that exposes an API for interacting with documents and views. It has a flexible schema, allowing you to add, remove or rename keys at will. It stores documents as JSON, and transforms them via JavaScript, making another layer of your application accessible to non-Lasso developers. It features powerful master-master replication capabilities, unlocking the possibility of fully offline-capable web applications. You can use it to store files, run geospatial queries, and implement highly performant full-text search. 

CouchDB is also a perfect companion to Lasso. This session will provide a practical orientation to CouchDB for Lasso developers, in order to demonstrate features and capabilities that are particularly suited to Lasso's strengths. We will look at some common usage patterns (with code samples), and examine the flexibility that CouchDB affords for integration into diverse environments and teams..

The Conversationalist: Teach your code to talk to others.

Presented by: Tim Taplin

Using real world examples and several open source projects, see how simple and powerful it can be to open up your code to other apps thru an API. Whether you need to allow controlled access between different pieces of your own apps, open the doors to third party developers, use your code as the backend for a mobile app, or just provide a managed admin interface to your clients, a well thought out structured approach can enhance the value of your code.  In addition, by incorporating access to external API's you can enrich and empower your amazing code. 

We will discuss:

  • usage and structure of object oriented programming
  • security and
  • REST communication
  • Many security mechanisms and external REST interfaces rely on customized http headers, so we will also discuss and review code samples.

Do you Splunk?: Exploring the netherworlds of your systems.

Presented by: Tim Taplin

Learn about:

  • Aggregating your logs
  • Creating alerts
  • Use your aggregated logs to generate reports with powerful drill downs.
  • Network load alerts
  • Server alerts
  • Tracking traffic trends right down to the time of day certain parts of your system are most used

Tim will describe and demonstrate the benefits of having an astounding abundance of knowledge of your systems performance at the tip of your fingers.

Dave Bruhn

PrinceXML, Highcharts, & PhantomJS - The Only PHP You'll Ever Need.

Presented by: Dave Bruhn

Getting data into your customers' hands in a meaningful fashion can be crucial.  Charting your data on your website, and providing beautiful PDFs for your customers doesn't have to be hard if you use the right tools. 

Learn how:

  • Lasso can easily feed Highcharts the data it needs to plot your data
  • PrinceXML can export your pages into beautiful and useful PDFs
  • PhantomJS can serve as the middleman between these two (and other) technologies


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