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Welcome to the Lasso Excellence Awards.

Check out the submissions below. This page shows brief images and descriptions of the projects, tags, methods, system, and code submitted for a 2014 award. Filter and check the categories you're interested in (we'll approve and add the tags for them), and then be inspired to submit your own work. Once we've done the initial sanity check we make them live for viewing. We've started it off with an example.

View the entries and see the winners for 2012 and 2013 to get some inspiration.

Interested in submitting your work? It's as easy as completing our short entry form, then upload some screenshots of your system and code. Terms and conditions are on the entry page. Your work needs to be original - you built or own the code (except for where you included publicly available code like those from TagSwap) - but other than that, it could be a small but snappy tag or method, a clean and well used simple system, through to a complex and highly integrated system.

Previous non-winning projects are eligible for re-entry provided there is an updated entry, fresh screenshots, and updated reviews.

Awards Categories are:

  • Best use of Lasso9: Judges are looking for code, methods, systems or snippets that showcase the power of less code
  • Best use of Lasso8: Judges are looking for well architected systems or methods that deliver a lot to their users
  • Best New Developer: Judges are looking for developers with less than 3 years experience using Lasso who demonstrate great code and good results
  • Lasso Values Award: In this 'best-of' Award Judges are looking for the code or system than exemplifies Lasso's core values "Simplicity, Speed, Security".

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