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The coolest features of this project.

This application makes extensive use of ajax calls to Lasso for gathering and updating data. Designed to work optimally on tablet devices, but able to be used on anything from a photo to a cinema display, Plot & audit leverages the Google Maps API in an innovative and user oriented way.

UI elements in combination with javascript calls to GPS data make the process of plotting data points extremely simple. Functions such as "show my current location" and "plot to my location" make gathering geolocation data easy, but there is so much more to Plot & Audit than can be shared in a few sentences - take a look at the videos at

What end users experience or say

Plot & Audit is exceptionally easy to use, not just in the actual plotting and gathering audit data, but in all other aspects. From the speed and efficiency of cloning an Audit Type, to adding a new location, the whole application is very intuitive.

Being able to take photos using the tablet, upload and annotate them in the field, and then use Plot & Audit to generate a professional PDF report and export all the data is just so smooth.

What others say about it

Plot & Audit replaced a very basic in-house version that was built a few years ago, and Brad has done an amazing job of taking the concept and the completely replacing the application with a truly world-class tool for efficiently gathering data in the field.

Brad's insights and skill with Lasso, javascript, and the Google Maps API have given us a remarkably comprehensive application that has quite simply exceeded our expectations. It is simple and fast to use, and incorporates highly granular privilege management to ensure that data is protected against accidental exposure to any user that is not appropriately authorised.

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