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Keynote: Under the Hood & Behind the Scenes

Sean Stephens, CEO LassoSoft

Sean Stephens,
CEO LassoSoft

Kyle Jessup

Kyle Jessup,
Chief Lasso Architect 


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Doug Burchard

Introducing Arm: Stop building, start creating.

Presented by: Doug Burchard, CLD

Jolle Carlestam

How to have a good time with a Date:
Avoid mistakes and get the output you need.

Presented by: Jolle Carlestam, CLD


Ke Carlton

High Performance websites with Lasso 9.

Presented by: Ke Carlton, CLD


Steffan Cline

Advanced jQuery + Lasso.

Presented by: Steffan Cline
Gregg Cole

A simple Lasso and FileMaker solution for a complex job creation problem.

Presented by: Gregg Cole


Jordon Davidson

Collaborative Programming Best Practices.

Presented by: Jordon Davidson, CLD
Jono Guthrie

Lasso Apps: Making the most of Lasso's core values.

Presented by: Jonathan Guthrie, CLD


Eric Landmann

Integrating JQuery with Lasso: wrap your App in sizzle.

Presented by Eric Landmann, CLD

Jim Leavitt

Video encoding and integration with Mobile Devices: Case Study.

Presented by Jim Leavitt, CLD


Brad Lindsay

Express yourself: An introduction to Query Expressions in Lasso 9.

Presented by Brad Lindsay, CLD

Brian Loomis

Requirements Traceability: Standards led design.

Presented by: Brian Loomis, CLD


David Pong, FileMaker Canada

FileMaker 12: Server and iOS design and development tools.

Presented by: David Pong, FileMaker, Inc. Canada


Sean Stephens, CEO LassoSoft

Selling Lasso to clients and execs - a why for a why and a truth for a truth.

Presented by Sean Stephens, CEO, LassoSoft

Tim Taplin

Sledgehammer or scalpel: What every developer should know about MySql.

Presented by Tim Taplin, CLD

Tami Williams

LassoFusebox with Lasso 9.

Presented by: Tami Williams, CLD


Brad Lindsay

Introducing Query: database interaction simplified.

Presented by Brad Lindsay, CLD


Still more sessions to be finalized


Focus on Education: Problem solving that scores top marks. 

Chair: Tim Taplin, CLD

Tapping into the education market can be challenging, frustrating and rewarding. Education is an environment that suits Lasso's core values (Simplicity, Speed, Security) at Lasso's reasonable development and maintenance price. We’ll talk to several Lasso developers who are involved in education from different perspectives to not only better understand what drives this market but start thinking about how we as developers can intelligently target specific market areas with our own solutions.

We will hear from users and developers in the K-12 (Elementary and High School) and University markets as well as from developers with Lasso apps targeted at these markets. 

Panelists: Todd Vainisi; TBD

Todd Vainisi, Authentic Education - Technical Director

Patrick Larkin, Bethlehem Area School District



Making the most of Lasso 9:
Real life tips on conversion, usability and performance.

Chair: Jono Guthrie, CLD

Panelists: Jolle Carlestam, Brad Lindsay, Ke Carlton

Jolle CarlestamJolle Carlestam,

Brad LindsayBrad Lindsay,

Ke Carlton,


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