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LassoSoft Announces 9.1.3 Update Now Available

Sept 8 2011

Released today is the third update to the Lasso 9.1 product that demonstrates LassoSofts committment to continuous improvement and which keeps the Lasso 9 current with latest Operating Systems. 

New in this 9.1.3 version is full support for OSX 10.7 (Lion), as well as the addition of cache related methods.

Improvements include performance enhancement for, and parsing improvements of json_deserialize with contribution from Bil Cory, compatibility improvements for matching Lasso 8 style code, eased memory use for sending email attachments, garbage collection, and significant installer improvements.

Fixes include default parameter for making PDF links, and fixed an incorrectly calculated duration ->week.

Full change notes are provided

New installers aim to give newcomers to the Lasso language a clear installation path for this server software along with presentation of an improved download version table showing what versions are available, what are supported, and the next planned changes.

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