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Lasso 9.1 Released July 11th 2011

Continuing with the direction of bringing more to the Lasso community LassoSoft Inc. announced today the release of the latest upgrade for the flagship Lasso 9 product line.

This release includes the long-awaited Lasso Instance Manager, with a completely new interface for managing any instances of Lasso 9 used in development and production. There are the large number of improvements rolled into this release that have been brought through since December 2010 when LassoSoft Inc was formed, as well as defect fixes and documentation strengthening.

"There has been a lot of work behind the scenes making and testing the changes and improvements and sifting through feedback. We are fortunate to have such an engaged set of developers who provide us with top quality issue reporting and are equally responsive with praise when it's warranted" says CEO Sean Stephens. "We actively seek community input to the Lasso product development process as seen on our development roadmap."

Support for 64 bit installers is a key improvement, although the CentOS users will have a just a little longer to wait for it to finish the beta stage. Improvments and updates in the FileMaker connectors are another big win.

Mr Stephens states "Our core team are working as fast as humanly possible, we are growing our resource pool and our support process is getting steadily stronger. Where people may have held back on Lasso 9 previously, we are seeing greater confidence in it's power as evidenced from a recent high profile ecommerce site CancomUK that is all Lasso 9." 

Upgrade pricing has been simplified. Now anyone with Lasso versions older than version 8.5 will pay the same price - they effectively get 20% off for past loyalty, while those who are most loyal and recent purchasers will get up to 80% off the new price of this release. Upgrades are purchased through the users account where the owner can select which serial they are upgrading from.

The Lasso 9.1 suite of license types includes:

For more information on Lasso 9 view the product pages.

For more information on the license types see license levels page.

Contact Rachel Guthrie at LassoSoft for general or media enquiries.

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