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Lasso Server 9.3 With LUX And Spitfire.

Bringing simplicity and elegance to your web server management

View the features and see the gorgeous Admin

Serve to the Web like never before with Spitfire (Apache-less web serving)

Monitor without migraines (CPU and Memory thresholds and alerts) 

Assign users access to an Instance (or several) without giving the keys to your whole server

Develop your Code like never before with drag n drop tag and library loading

Simplify and amplify your debug with fast access to logs and ability to switch into and out of debug mode

Tune-up with the game-changing feature of Trident, a customizable compilation mode that enables the launch speed of an interpreter with the improved performance of compilation for the most used code, and bonus of less memory consumption while developing.

Explore cool ways of delivering your code with Mustache templating

Dabble in newer database development with a built-in Mongo DB connector

With the launch of Lasso 9.3 comes LUX, a stunning new interface that brings a powerful set of server tools to your finger tips. This new feature gives the developer the power to make changes at both server and instance level like never before. With LUX there are more server and performance details brought to the surface including CPU and Memory monitoring. In addition to the new interface features, LUX can be accessed from your iPad, helping manage your server with a responsive and touch friendly design. 

LassoSoft Inc. continues to place the utmost emphasis on protecting your digital commercial assets and with the new release developers have instant ability to change access rights, suspend users, and assign server management rights with ease. Lasso 9.3 has integrated features from the previous version’s Instance Manager directly into the main Lasso experience—broken instances can be isolated, accessed, and fixed all from the Admin panel.

New Lasso 9.3 features include; Spitfire, a technology which serves directly to the web, eliminating the need for Apache; drag and drop loading for LassoApps and libraries; Trident for switching on and off customizable compilation levels including Just InTime (JIT); direct access to Error Logs; Mongo DB connector; Mail Management; Mustache processor; and much more. 

“We have a diverse community who truly believe in the Lasso language,” says Sean Stephens, CEO, LassoSoft Inc.“By incorporating feedback from developers from around the world, we have have taken Lasso’s server management to a new level with Lasso 9.3.” He continues,“now more than ever, web developers have a real alternative to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, php) servers for fast development and deployment.”

Senior Certified Lasso Developer (CLD) Jonathan Guthrie exclaims,“ no more hours spent crawling around in the dim dark bowels of a server at the command line level, or in file directories, everything essential for today’s web developer has been brought to the surface.”

Lasso remains free to develop in. Licenses are required to make web systems live.

From individual programmers, to government and large scale corporate initiatives, web developers around the globe employ LassoSoft Inc.’s products as an application server and scripting language. There is no other programming language that rivals Lasso’s seamless blend of speed, simplicity, and security of the code. 


Check out what has changed Release Notes: and get the Download!

Making Coding fun again. Make the move to Lasso 9.3 today. 


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