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03 Dec 2011

The latest blog instalment is a video that summarises the past year for our wonderful new company LassoSoft Inc. I also give insights into the future and the exciting things still ahead. Drawn mostly from the open webinar session attended by our community on Dec 2, 2011, the vblog also reminds me just how far we have come.


In this blog I cover;

Documentation v1
LassoTalk v1
RoadMap v1
The new store
The CLD system

Also I talk about


Thank you for all watching and being engaged for the last year. The coming year will be as effective and prosperous.

I look forward to continuing the growth of Lasso with you all!

Sean Stephens

LassoSoft Inc



by Gordon McLean, 05 December 2011

Guys, congratulations ! ...and thank you for breathing life back into Lasso, a great product, community and ecosystem.

The other reason

by Eric Knibbe, 04 December 2011

we chose the white rhino: though the black rhino graces the cover of the JavaScript reference, it appears the white rhino is still available as a cover image for the upcoming book on Lasso from O'Reilly. (Any takers?)

Happy Anniversary

by Maxwell Klein, 04 December 2011

Thanks for rerecording the presentation along with posting the slides, I was only able to join the audio while on a long drive. Looking forward to another great for LassoSoft.

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