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Lasso Code Continuity Assurance Announced

August 28 2011

LassoSoft announced today a new benefit for Certified Lasso Developer's (CLD's) and their projects. Called "Continuity Assurance", this service is aimed at the heart of a key concern of small programming shops and their clients: what happens if the programmer is 'hit by a bus'?

Sea Stephens, LassoSoft's CEO described the offering "In the event of a personal tragedy, LassoSoft will make sure there is a suitably qualified Lasso Developer able to pick up and support your mission critical systems while the end user of your code resolves a longer term developer engagement."

Stephens goes on to declare in his blog posting "this service puts our Business Continuity strategy on on par with other "open source" projects, with the current benefit of increased security of the closed core of Lasso."

LassoSoft Inc has built the CLD program since it's announcement in March of 2011 adding new features like additional instances available for CLD licenses, Beta Testing recognition, and now the Continuity Assurance on to the existing benefits of personal listing, for hire settings, CLD licenses, and recognition for community contributions in the form of Lasso Docs, Articles, or LassoTalk posting counts.

"Our community is strong, vocal, and proactive in support of each other. This Continuity Assurance offer from LassoSoft reflects this commitment and adds the weight of the company behind our CLD's. This initiative has been overwhelmingly well received", says Stephens, "Lasso's ease of coding has meant that Lasso development is largely niche-market, small companies, collectives and solo developers - you don't need a large team to develop and deliver high quality applications and websites using Lasso, unlike other programming languages like .Net and ASP." The aim of this assurance is so  these Lasso developers have the ability to compete with the 'big' programming languages.

The CLD program is open to developers with Lasso 8 skills and a willingness to learn Lasso 9. The short entry level test includes both Lasso 8 and Lasso 9 questions. Once certified, CLD's subscribe to a monthly plan to access the license and now Continuity Assurance. 

For more information on the Certified Lasso Developer program, or on the code Continuity Assurance, please contact Rachel Guthrie.

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