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Since its genesis over 18 years ago, Lasso has been revered as a major breakthrough in programming languages. Simple, logical and remarkably elegant to use, it continues to set new standards for processing speed and coding security without sacrificing functionality.

Lasso has enabled developers of all skill levels, in organizations large and small, to create custom database-driven web applications to meet their specific needs. Just ask any of the over 1,000 educational institutions or 15,000 corporations that rely on us daily.

What's more, all of these features are integrated into a seamless, fully functional package that is head and shoulders above the piecemeal product offerings of other committee-developed languages.

Think about it: Would you rather trust the stability and functionality of your web site to a programming language that’s been developed by an ever-changing group of developers with different agendas and priorities, or entrust them to a well-thought-out, fully-integrated solution that’s been evolving under the guidance of the same core group of developers for over 10 years?

We thought so.

It's the only logical answer!

We invite you to explore Lasso's features. Then be sure to consider how they can benefit you and your organization. We're sure you'll see that no competing product can provide such a complete feature set, coupled with next-generation speed and stability, right out of the box.

Find out for yourself: download the free Developer Edition of Lasso 9 Server.

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