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LassoSoft Partners To Help Orphans In Africa 

Making a difference for even one child is worth it!

LassoSoft is proud to be associated with helping orphans in Africa. 

One way orphans are helped is by teaching them marketable skills, so they can begin to earn their own money and grow in self respect and independence.

Redeemer, himself an orphan who was helped to learn and achieve, is now a successful and confident adult and a highly skilled craftsman who works with bead, wire and tin to sculpt beautiful animals.

He has developed special desktop Rhinos for our LassoSoft community to enjoy.

Redeemer is teaching younger orphans the art of crafting these creatures, and you can see the delight and pride that this brings.

Available in two-tone bead, and in shiny tin, these desktop Rhinos stand a little taller than your average coffee mug. Purchase this Rhino from our Lasso Store* (shipment delayed- when we receive the shipment we will make them available), and be reminded that you helped make a difference.

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