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Your proprietary data is a core asset of your business, and Lasso has always placed the utmost emphasis on protecting your property. This is our mission and our primary concern - that we drive Lasso to being the most secure language available on the planet.

Our long-standing core principles of stability and consistency within the language are the cornerstones of Lasso’s ability to seamlessly integrate into any overall security configuration. You can rest assured that there are no surprises or unfounded faults in Lasso’s internal logic.

How successful have we been? As of December, 2015, the National Vulnerability Database, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, reports that the number of public vulnerabilities associated with the following programming languages is:

PHP: 416
Python: 46
Ruby: 65
Lasso: 1 (and it's Lasso 2.2, not available for over 15 years)

These are publicized vulnerabilities, described online and within easy reach of anyone who may have a reason to use them. And yes, we realize that this is just as likely to be based on the direct correlation of the number people using Lasso as compared other languages. So what? If you want the best bike lock in the world, you don't buy the same one everyone else has. That's just absurd.

Don’t take chances with access to your data. You can trust every Lasso product to play a key role in any enterprise-wide security infrastructure.

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