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Lasso Server update to 9.2.5 released

February 2, 2013

It has been over a year since LassoSoft introduced the new-look Lasso 9 Server with Instance Manager, and February's release now presents some improvements to it's function and ease of management.

This release add a confirmation message that a restart has occurred, and each instance can be named giving quick visibility of which instances are in the stable or restarting status.

This release also bring a new way of handling definition changes for methods and types, which simplifies the reloading and recompiling allowing them to be ignored where the underlying source has not changed.

Considerable work was done on strengthening the Windows version.

As always user feedback is appreciated, and various user found issues discussed in the LassoTalk forum make their way into the changes for each release.

Full change notes are available and regularly updated.

Downloads for each OS version are available.

Version information explains which OS and configuration combination is supported for each version of Lasso.

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