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These tutorials are presented and prepared in a down-to-earth manner to assist you with learning how to use, or advancing your use of, Lasso. There are three sections, categorized by level of difficulty and understanding.

Beginner Material

Preamble: How the web works

Before you can hope to understand Lasso, you need to start by understanding a little about how the internet works.

101. What is Lasso?

Lasso gives website pages the ability to be dynamic and interactive by changing the content on the pages on-the-fly, pages which are then sent to a computer over the Web to be read by a browser.

102. Using Logic

One of the key things you need to learn to do when making a web page dynamic is introduce "logic".

103. Using Variable Information

Through conditional logic we can achieve changes to the content of our page through simple IF statements.

104. Using Groups of Information: Arrays and Maps

There is still another way to make our code easier to manage, so that later we don't have to dig through code as our code becomes more complex.

105. Interacting with a Browser

Now that we have a piece of dynamic code which dynamically changes the color and salutation of our site depending on the time of day, we should strongly consider affecting our new web page based on the person who is visiting us.

106. Using Math- Learn more about how to put together powerful Math processes triggered from user interactions with your sites. Content suggestions sought from the community. 

107. Sending Email with Lasso

Learn how to send an email with Lasso 9 in response to a contact form from a website to make your sites work for you and your clients.

108. Understanding Cookies and Sessions

Cookies and Sessions are fundamental to creating rich, interactive internet applications. Learn how to set and read cookies, and how to troubleshoot them.

109. Passing information from page to page - content suggestions sought from the community


The following Tutorials are planned, and content suggestions are sought.

Intermediate Level Tutorials 

201. Using Databases

202. Creating Forms

203. Creating other files

204. Coding Styles: The Elements of style


Advanced Level Tutorials

300. OOP Programming

301. Encoding

302. Tags

303. Comparing Languages

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