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The all-new Lasso Guide v.9.2 

Released September 2013

Lasso users both new and experienced now have a powerful new tool for their continued coding development.

The LassoGuide is the most comprehensive set of information on what is contained in the Lasso development environment and how this can be used.

Lasso encompasses thousands of pre-specified Methods, Types and Traits that provide a faster path to finished code than ever before.

The LassoGuide has been developed in a ReST format to make ease of publishing in multiple formats possible, and the team at LassoSoft Inc have put a vast effort into making as many formats of the guide available.


Stock Clearance Sale October 2014
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Lasso Guide 9.2 Full syntax colouring Hard Cover $159 incl shipping in North America

Lasso Guide 9.2 Full syntax colouring Hard Cover $189 incl shipping outside North America


Online: latest & greatest Lasso documentation

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Direct link in LassoLab (coming soon)

Direct link into LUX (Lasso 9.3's new user admin - coming soon)


Offline: Hold in your hands material

PDF Download (Note: be sure to always take the latest each time you need it)

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Specialty Guides:

Introduction to Lasso Hard/Soft cover colour/black&white (coming soon)

Language and Operations Guide Hard/Soft cover colour/black&white (coming soon)

Lasso API's Hard/Soft cover colour/black&white (coming soon)





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