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is a simple, full-featured bulk email sending solution

Know where your email is stored. Your emails are stored on your own server, not on that of a faceless corporation, or fluffy cloud.

Build your own enhancements and use the API to make it completely seamless with your other system.

Customise the interface with your own brand.

Pull email-specific HTML pages directly from your websites into LassoMailer, or, setup your own templates.


User Subscription management

List Management

  • API for public list signup
  • Double Opt-In standard for API-sourced subscriptions
  • Configurable Double Opt-In email
  • Global user unsubscribe
  • Individual list unsubscribe
  • User opt in and opt out history
  • Multiple lists 
  • Users can belong to more than one list
  • Manual addition of users to a list
  • Bulk Import of users to list(s) via copy/paste, TXT and CSV files.
  • List merging
  • Unlimited lists, unlimited recipients
  • Export list to CSV
  • "Clean List" function

Creating Email Campaigns 

  • Wysiwyg HTML Editor
  • Email Templates
    • Samples provided, user can create their own
  • Import HTML from an existing website page for use as the HTML in the campaign
  • HTML & Plain Text messages
  • Personalization of email messages for each subscriber
  • Relative URL check and fix
  • Link checking (images and links)
  • Unsubscribe links are in every campaign email (CAN-SPAM & CASL requirement)
  • Company information in footer of every campaign email (CAN-SPAM & CASL requirement)
  • Testing is done via a 'quick test' email before the email gets anywhere near your bulk mail process. Tests can be sent to a service like to confirm HTML is optimized for viewers across multiple mail applications and devices.

Bounce processing

  • Multiple accounts can be configured to receive bounces
    (only one per campaign)
  • Hard and soft bounce differentiation

Sending Campaigns

  • Emails come from *your* SMTP server, and accounts under *your* control increasing the legitimacy of email marketing
  • Campaigns can have multiple lists
  • Each list can be scheduled to start sending at a different time
  • Duplicate email protection
    (made stronger in recent versions)
  • SMTP log
    (with more history information than SMTP servers keep)
  • Individual users can have emails resent
  • Option to send to updated list
  • Batch rate is configurable


  • All email views and link clicks are tracked
    • * If selected
    • * Some services like MXLogic strip view tracking code
  • Geolocation of views and link clicks
  • Per-list and per-campaign responses can be seen at a glance
  • Individual user view and click history can be viewed
  • Skinnable user interface

User accounts

  • Multiple user accounts for access to LassoMailer UI
  • Administrator level account setting restricts access to sensitive settings

Easy Configuration for the host Lasso Server Admin

Select Your OS

Server Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Mac OS X 10.7+
  • Ubuntu 14.04+
  • CentOS 5.9+
  • CentOS 6.4+
Hardware / VM configuration
  • 2GHz Single core processor minumum, 2 or more 2.8GHz processor cores recommended;
  • 20Gb hard drive minimum, larger recommended as data storage may grow over time;
  • 1Gb RAM minimum, 2Gb or more recommended;
  • Constant internet connection essential.
Lasso Server 9.2.7
  • Minumum of one fully licensed instance;
  • Higher volume systems may require multiple instances for performance enhancements.
MySQL 5.5+
SMTP Server
  • A local SMTP server under your control or a professionally hosted SMTP service;
  •, GMail and other consumer level services are not supported due to high send rates required.


Add API keys to integrate your websites and systems directly with your LassoMailer Lists.

See more on setup, configuration, APIs and administration user guide.

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