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LassoSoft releases LassoMailer App for Lasso 9 

LassoSoft unveiled today a standalone App for email broadcasting built on Lasso 9's performance oriented platform.

Available for OS X and both CentOS and Ubuntu versions of Linux, the LassoMailer App adds a straight forward and proven admin process for managing lists, creating and sending email broadcast newsletters, marketing and announcements.

First built in 2011 for internal use to communicate to LassoSoft's customer base, the App's processes were extended recently to build in stronger anti-spam compliance as required by Canada's CASL legislation.

The three basic requirements of CASL are:

1. Informed Opt-In - no pre-checking of 'yes email me' type boxes.
2. Identity of the sender is clear - as are the senders contact details.
3. Simple and direct Opt-Out - no double confirmations, no waiting period.

In general, businesses who use email marketing must maintain a record of where the recipent chose to be involved. In the case of a purchase of product or service, the consent for information about that purchase and product is said to be implied for 2 years past the date of purchase. 

LassoMailer requires that users who import lists confirm that the lists have already had their consent requirements met.

With features like 'fetch' to import and pre-formatted html web page, timed send, multiple list management and stats collection, individual assembly and direct authentication by having this on the clients own servers there are many features desirable to email broadcast users. 

"Between LassoSoft, and Treefrog Inc - Lasso's sister company, over 3 million emails have been sent in the past year" says Sean Stephens, CEO of LassoSoft, "ultimately this is a tool we think every business should use, which is why we are offering it up for Lasso users, and companies who want the dual benefit of keeping their email close to home and the performance Lasso 9 directly linked to their database".

The LassoMailer product was released with a limited time offer to the end of July 2014 .

Read more in a full set of user and administrative documentation.

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