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LassoSoft Announces Price Adjustments

Dec 1, 2104. LassoSoft HQ announces a 10-15% price increase across Lasso Professional 8.6 and Lasso Server 9.2 licenses. This increase is the first in 4 years.

Improvements in the way Lasso is delivering instance management that allows developers to sandbox different clients on the same server has led to a large increase in the number of clients using multiple instances.

Further improvements and suggested ways of working under 9.3 include the potential to separate a specific instance to take on heavy lifting while another instance manages the day to day serving of data.

These changes have led LassoSoft to cease offering a single instance license. "While single stroke engines still exist, they are not the standard for the automotive industry. As the industry changes and technology advances, so does what we offer", says Sean Stephens, CEO of LassoSoft. "Three instances is the new standard license".

Responding to some critics of the associated price increase Stephens cites the 2014 steady decline of the Canadian dollar against the U.S., and the four years since the last price change as evidence that these changes are considered 'adjustments' to more accurately reflect the value already delivered in the Lasso range of products. "We have held off on a price increase for as long as appropriate. It is now appropriate to correct the prices, and the start of 2015 has been set for this to occur."

Meanwhile 9.3 is set to be released in January 2015, and incorporates the new Lasso User-Experience Interface 'LUX' which represents a significant change to the Lasso management. The price increase is timed to be concurrent with the release.

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