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Moving to Lasso9 from Lasso Professional

New ways of working using Lasso9

Object Oriented Focus

The introduction to Lasso 9 brings in some new functionality, as well as an increased exposure to object-oriented programming (OOP). Lasso in an object-oriented language, however before version 9, it was generally received as a language that could perform either procedurally, or had the tools to get into OOP.


Other changes include datasource permissions that are now handled at the database server itself.

Cleaner, Leaner Code

There are a number of variations to the way the code is constructed contained in the following sections, and careful attention to the differences will give your code migration good success. The Lasso9 code has been made more succinct, and there are opportunities for you to review your methods during your pre-migration review for opportunities that Lasso9 brings.

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