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LassoSoft releases Lasso Server 9.1.5 with compatibilty for FileMaker Server Advanced 12

April 23, 201

The Lasso Server 9.1.5 release delivers to the Mac OS X, CentOS and Ubuntu platforms a series of improvements and compatibility strengthening.

Of particular intest is the full compatibility for FileMaker Server Advanced 12 released earlier in April.

Also included are adjustments for issues in the Datasources section, and this also gives better error reporting. The admin user interface has been improved and strengthened compatibility for Internet Explorer 9 compatibility.

The LassoSoft team continues with testing the Windows platform versions, a release date for which is not yet available at time of publication.

This 9.1.5 release is encouraged for all users of the Lasso 9 product line. A comprehensive list of changes are available online.

LassoSoft continues to deliver those improvements that keep the language fresh and current. Performance continues to be strong, and this latest release is reported by Jonathan Guthrie, Software Development Manager as 'running in some pretty heavy load environments for final testing in recent weeks, and it's proven fast and stable'.

The download and svn details for the Lasso Server 9 release are accessible through LassoSoft's download section, and a list of all supported versions is also available.


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