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Radio Silence

20 Jun 2011

As per usual with blogs - things get extraordinarily busy, one puts ones head down to get things done, time passes, writing momentum wanes, and your blog falls on its face. In my case, this was a function of the many important things we were working on but the lack of things urgent to say. I went on holiday in Ireland for a few weeks, and when I returned, my blog discipline had all leaked out and was replaced by "doing". My apologies for the lag.

If anyone has anything important they wish me to write about, please let me know. What would you like to hear about the soft and squishy innards of LassoSoft? Let me know, via personal email to

In the meanwhile, let me give you a recap of where LassoSoft sits today.

We have done everything in the last six months that we promised to do at the beginning - with the exception that we aren't done yet, and we have more irons in the fire than ever before.

That's it, for now. Things might seem like they are moving a little slower than they did at the beginning, but only because we are done with the initial sprint and are now in the rhythm of long-term endurance racing. We are still catching up!

Thanks for continuing to support us!

Sean Stephens

CEO LassoSoft


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