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Rosetta Code and Notablity

31 Oct 2013

In a recent dialogue with a University, I stumbled across a neat site comparing various development languages, their style and rules, through various examples. The site is aptly named after the Rosetta Stone;

Out of 516 languages listed Lasso did not appear. Not even once.*

To all those who consider themselves 'Blue Hats' (aka Lasso Developers)

As part of the promise to start a new Chapter actively and aggressively promoting Lasso 9 outside of the existing Lasso community, we at LassoSoft made the decision to have some fun this month and see how many examples we could get entered into this system in the shortest amount of time possible. This is a completely third-party site - and we have no reason to pick on them except that Lasso is completely underrepresented as a language in a public forum.

THE CONTEST: LassoSoft will pay $1000 cold hard cash to the individual who best represents us on this website by adding and updating the most examples on this site.

Note that this contest runs for the month of November only.

See details on

The Rules


Please see the formal rules here:

Hopefully this contest compels you to spend a few minutes playing with Lasso 9 - just for fun.

How To Use

1) Go to
2) Find an example you would like to make (use as a reference)
3) Find the place your code would fit, and replace the words "LASSO CODE" with your example.


4) Save the page!
5) Add to your points count.

Please - spend a few minutes looking over the list of tasks and adding an example - or a few examples. I'm certain you have some kicking around - you probably don't even need to write them!


Sean Stephens

CEO, LassoSoft Inc



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