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Day Three: Snow and Reality

08 Dec 2010

Today it snowed a bit up here in Canada. Jim couldn't find his car, so I sent him a picture of where to find it (yes, the picture on the left is really what's left of Treefrog-Jim's car).

The benefit of Canadian winters is - going outside sucks. There is absolutely nothing to do but sit inside and think about making Lasso better. (And, I will note, act on making it better).

As someone noted, this website/blog runs LEAP™ and Lasso 9. Of course, no matter how stable the Lasso 9 product seems to be, we were still able to blow our content out of the water by over-writing the database while adding a new idea (intended to be released tomorrow) and have to resort to browser caches to find my blog content again. You try writing from the position of transparency, and see if you can find it afterwards.

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair." - Douglas Adams.

Third day, and already a minor stumble. I abhor failure, the trappings of humanity, as I consider it the lowest point of weakness. But we are all human, after all. We stumble, and we get back up. We push on towards the mark.

The key to life is: you get knocked down six times, and you get up seven. I truly believe that success only comes when you can keep taking punches until the world's will grows tired. Humans are the epitome of resilience, but most of us forget it on a day to day basis, and curl up into fetal position of 9 to 5. We forget we are born into a world of failure, and there is tremendous joy in overcoming this adversity. In turning failure into success.

Today we did major rehab on the 8.x bugs list. Tomorrow, we are flying Kyle up to visit us at Treefrog HQ to chat about it and help us get it back on track.

I've never understood why a bugs list would be hidden from the developer's view. I can understand why one would not want the end-website-user to see lists of bugs on a public site, as they might think that their website might be compromised. Especially if your aging business model is selling the "perfect mouse trap".

But why the heck wouldn't you show developer's all of the problems inherent in your product?

I go back to the days I spent hours and hours pouring over code, trying to figure out why X didn't work - only to finally work up the courage to post to the Lasso list, and be told "oh yah, that's a known bug". A frickin known bug?!?! WHO THE *^&#*^% knew about it?!  Let me know who knew about it, so I can punch them in the throat.

It's a waste of human life, to find things already found.

I also remember my first call to Blueworld support, just after 3.6 was released. After hours of hell, I was basically told where I could stick my problem. (It turned out to be gremlins in code I had copied from a website). I rarely called back. I'm all about forgiveness, but that doesn't mean I forget.

More excellent progress today on Lasso, though, in general. And I am shocked to see how many sales of the product are coming through now. It feels like I watered a plant I thought was dead and it is already flowering. Isn't resilience wonderful?

My mission to take over the world is slowly coming into alignment, faster than expected.

Sean Stephens
LassoSoft Inc.


by Tom Langton, 09 December 2010

"Today it snowed a bit up here in Canada" - tautology?
Sean, it is really great to see and hear that you've turned on the work lights and started sweeping up the mess that was Lasso's future before last week. Keep it up!
tom l - Lasso list lurker since LP5 at least.

by Jess, 09 December 2010

Where's my "TWEET THIS" button? :P These need to be shared with the twitter-verse!

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