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Airline Management Takes off with Lasso

Here's the scene. You arrive at the airport, You need a ticket and you have to check in your baggage, You watch as the airline's ticketing agent as he enters your information and seems to be typing endlessly, as your chance of making it onboard slowly fades.

If you were in this ticket line, your airline wasn't using by the "holistic" SkyVantage suite. SkyVantage is the remarkable seven year-old airline reservation and management company that's using the Lasso application server from LassoSoft to reduce code, speed application development and accommodate the tremendous scalability that SkyVantage needs now and in the future.

The SkyVantage service is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Cory T. Robin. And as he'll tell you, SkyVantage is not for every airline, particularly the larger carriers that have made tremendous investments in legacy applications such as Sabre. But Robin's market is the small-to-midsize airline that will see a great opportunity in distinguishing themselves with an innovative and efficient solution like SkyVantage.
Do More, Faster, for Less

Lasso is, literally, in the middle of it all. Why Lasso? As Robin remarks, "SkyVantage was originally written in Perl, PHP and Java. In 2003 we replaced the Perl application with Lasso, especially because of what Lasso can do with databases." Robin does indicate that other applications can do what Lasso does, but "Lasso makes it a lot easier."

Robin sees SkyVantage as a rapid development company and that's why Lasso is such a great fit.

"Lasso takes significantly less code. We take a 1,000 line screen and the application does more with 60% less code with lots of bells and whistles thrown in. It's fantastic as far as rapid development. Lasso also means great performance and enhanced speed to market."
Rapid Application Development for "The Next Level"

For Cory Robin, selecting Lasso was not only how it fit in with their current needs but with their future growth. We really needed something to take us to the next level. And Lasso was what we selected to do that," says Robin.

What really gives Lasso the edge over products like ColdFusion and Java is the ease of use combined with the enterprise-grade level of the application, which Robin calls "a huge, huge advantage." This is especially evident in session management where Lasso draws upon a centralized database to maintain session data. "We can now throw in a hundred machines without session persistency problems," states Robin.

While Cory Robin's developers are experienced in Lasso, he has high praise for the support he receives from the Lasso staff and the Lasso community, which, he says, is incredibly responsive to any (however infrequent) question they have about the application.

And in terms of total cost of ownership, Robin is quick to point out that even though Perl and PHP are free, "the money you save in development alone and speed to market with Lasso far outweighs the expense."

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