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The Big Push

27 Apr 2012

I know, I know, it's been too long since I've had time to blog. In my defence, I did say at the onset that I hate blogging.

Having said that, the LassoSoft team is throwing itself into high gear in anticipation of the conference in a month. There have been been so many incredible things happening at LassoSoft in the past few months that it is difficult to summarize them all. We are trying to wrap up as many as possible. It's going to be tight and we are busting ourselves in half to produce.

New Products

We will be releasing a new product at the conference which will hopefully shock and amaze you. I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to tell you about it. I'm giddy in anticipation.

Some other LassoSoft highlights;

Small but mighty

The conference is going to be the greatest single positive growth mark in the history of the language, IMHO. It marks not only the biggest shift in our recent history, but also the beginning of a number of new strategic directions which we will use to significantly forward Lasso to the world. It is going to be a small conference, but it will be mighty.

Don't be reserved about making reservations

Note that the hotel at 1 King West in Toronto has reserved room rates for our conference attendees until April 30th. As we have almost met our conservative booking for confirmed attendees (as of this moment), with 15 "pendings" and a whole-lot-of "maybes" - we are going to be forced to cap out the conference attendance soon. We had originally planned for the usual Lasso conference sweet-spot of 45-70 comfortably, and will only be able to stretch slightly with our current space booking and by hiding people underneath the tables.

In other words, if you are coming, book before Monday night or we might have to turn you away. We need to know sooner than later if the conference attendance is reaching higher, as we will need to consider shuffling rooms.

Given the length of time since the last North American conference, we just weren't expecting the number of people who have now indicated their interest. Who knew?!

The fence is pointy. Don't sit for long!

If you are on the edge about coming, let us at LassoSoft know how we can tip the balance to make sure you are there.

See you in Toronto!

Sean Stephens

LassoSoft Inc.


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