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Worst Case Scenario

LassoSoft Inc. takes your business seriously, and are focused on the success of the Lasso language moving forward. However, we also appreciate that the creators of a proprietary product can fall victim to acts of War, God and even the negative effects of economic collapse.

This is saddening, but this is life. And we are prepared for this possibility.

The Escrow Partners

Any business or individual who wishes to join our "Escrow Partner" group will be given access to a complete copy of the Lasso code - open source to the bone - for all versions on all operating systems. These can be downloaded as desired from our various mirrors across the world (currently in Toronto and Amsterdam).

The catch? These full code downloads - available only to Escrow Partners - are encrypted with a key, and cannot be accessed until decrypted with said key.

The Guardians

Here is where the Guardian(s) come into play. Guardians are individuals who have access to The Key. They are hand-picked and located throughout the world, far from the physical location of the LassoSoft Headquarters. Should an Act of War (e.g. nuclear explosion), Act of God (devastating earthquake), bankrutcpy or other business-collapsing economic issue happen to the LassoSoft orginization, the Guardian has instruction to release the key to all Escrow Partners, who will then quickly get the key and access the code.

All Guardians carry a copy of the names of all Escrow Partners, who will immediately contact all Escrow Partners in case of catastrophic event.

In case of this event, the Guardians have been chosen as additionally being capable to support and maintain the Lasso code and ensure that the product continues to be supported in an emergency situation.

The Guarantee

This duality ensures that we keep our code base safe from harm - and also ensures that you do not need to worry about having the code in the event of a mission-critical collapse. The code you write is always protected by the knowledge that as long as there are computers and electricity, there will be Lasso.

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